The Happiness Quest

We say, “I want to be happy”.⁣
We say, “money doesn’t buy happiness”.⁣
Yet, we say we are not happy because we haven’t reached a certain level. ⁣
We don’t have a certain thing.⁣
We aren’t in a certain place. ⁣

Ask yourself, “why can’t I be happy now at this very moment?”⁣
Listen to the reasons.⁣
Every single one of them will be as a result of a “belief” of yours, something external.⁣
A perceived lack or inadequacy.⁣
Something missing. ⁣
Grandiose things usually. ⁣
But sometimes small.

Yet the thing is, happiness cannot be gained from external things/factors. It is from within. An awareness, acceptance and gratitude for each present moment, not influenced or affected by ANY external factors. You really can exist and be happy. That is our true state. When we refuse to be happy or judge/base our happiness off external factors- things/people/achievements, we are telling ourselves ultimately that we are not worthy. That just being ourselves, is not enough to evoke happiness.⁣

Because you do not know how magnificent you are. You do not know that your⁣ very Being, your soul is light. We are so out of touch with our Being that we do⁣ not know how to make our own selves happy. We create issues, by allowing other things determine our worth. And they do not. Society tries to tell us that they do – but that is why so many of us are unhappy. Searching for happiness in the wrong places. Living for the future or stuck in the past. Refusing to⁣ accept this present moment for what it is. Your opinion of yourself is THE most⁣ important factor not outside opinions. You do not need to prove your ‘worth’,⁣ not even to yourself. You are born worthy. Period. We miss the fact that we CAN actually just turn off the noise and be happy irrespective of outside/external⁣ situations and factors. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. It was within all along, I just couldn’t see it-  society subtly and not so subtly tells us to search outside. Unhappiness, insecurity, lack of self confidence and worthlessness, all push and fuel consumer capitalism. You are not good enough- you need all of these external material things to be “it”.  THEY LIED.⁣

Our happiness was NEVER supposed to be determined by these things or by perceived issues/ situations. That is a sure-fire way of being stuck in a rot. How can you then ever truly be happy in life? Situations will arise through-out life. We were supposed to handle these situations but NOT make them the source of our happiness or unhappiness. I’ve seen countless posts, memes etc, on social media especially saying, “you’re broke, how can you be sleeping”, “do you have all you need? Then how are you content just chilling”, “do you have seven sources of income? then why are you smiling?”, on and on they go. I understand the angle that they are trying to come from,  but when you strip it back, these are the types of messages that reiterate that the issues/situations that we encounter, determine our happiness and must consume us.⁣

They do not and they shouldn’t. No matter the situations you find yourself in, you are ALLOWED to be and in-fact should still be blissfully happy. Issues and situations, perceived limitations and lack, should not be the yardstick for how happy you are or allowed to be. Living in that way sets you up for chronic unhappiness. Situations will always arise. So does that mean we shouldn’t be happy because we are in said situations or aren’t where we want to be? It is a major flaw in the human psyche. Oh, you’re broke? Don’t have a job? Sleeping on your friend’s sofa? No friends maybe? Health issues? Okay. But you can still be happy. Stop putting it off for a future external event; when I lose weight, when I get a new job, a new car, a new partner etc. Instead accept as is and still work⁣ towards creating better situations for yourself- only now that acceptance⁣ allows you to eliminate the unhappiness, worthlessness and self-hate you feel⁣ in the present moment…because why punish and torture yourself? It makes no⁣ sense.⁣

Happiness is the one thing that is so easily attainable to us. We don’t have⁣ to beg or work for anybody for it. Within, is the one true infinite source of happiness. Yet we constantly seek it without. We have made it nearly unattainable with our reasoning. When⁣ it really is the easiest thing to attain. Clear the mind. Make the choice. It⁣ doesn’t matter what is happening, It is only a situation- do not turn it into a⁣ problem. You say the one thing you want in life is to be happy. Well, congratulations you can achieve your goal and be in that state now.⁣

Stop letting regret/longing of the past and/or fear/worry/anxiety of the future rob you of the present moment. Do not wish your life away. Be here. You can make the brain switch in this very present moment. As Eckhart Tolle said, be in joy in yourself. Enjoy yourself. Let go of the baggage. Everything you seek is within.⁣

You want to be happy?⁣
Then BE happy now.⁣
That is the magnificent thing. ⁣
YOU control it.⁣
Tune in to happiness.⁣
Tune into the God frequency within you.. 

2 thoughts on “The Happiness Quest

  1. Yes, this is the mindset for a healthy balanced life! I love every bit of it! This needs to be a memo for everyone especially with the state of the world.


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