New Year Feels

Happy New Year Tribe. It’s the spring equinox and start of the astrological new year. The beginning of a new cycle.

I know we are in shaky times right now but we must not forget just how blessed we still are. Let’s use this period to practice stillness, appreciate it, discover who you are again, your true essence. In our entire life time would we ever have stopped- given ourselves a break from the chaos? In our entire lives we can’t spare three months to just recoup and rejuvenate? It make you think. Look at the kinds of lives we have been living. Slow down. Life is not a race. Take a minute to savour your surroundings. 

Truly “stop and smell the flowers”. Have you ever done that? Why not? We have other things to do, we don’t care, so what? All that falls under the taking life for granted category. If we truly understood the depth and complexity, yet simpleness, of this flower, we would stop to marvel and wonder at it,  we would stop to smell Gods fragrance. We would stop to appreciate it if only for a second. This delicate endorphins inducing flower. His beautiful creation.

I see Him in everything, hence my fascination with the moon, the stars, the sky, herbs, fruits, vegetables, elements of the Earth . I’m just blown away by the magic of the Earth and Her fruits the interconnectedness of it all. Start paying attention to your surroundings and nature. Ignoring them is ignoring a part of ourself. It Stops the process of being well rounded.

Be mindful of yourself and your actions. Make sure you are in control of your behaviour and thoughts. If you do not stop and observe yourself, then you do not ever think ‘why do I behave like this’, you just move on instinct, which can be good to an extent but you must also take time to know why you behave the way you do fully.

If you do not stop and think that,  then you do not ever truly know yourself- you are not in control. You are just moving with society. To know yourself is to be in control of self. To control self you must know self. To know self you must observe and ask questions from a place of zero bias. This allows you to find parts of your self that are in need of healing and you start to feel more complete.

So moving forward in 2020, stop and smell the flowers all around you. Stop and discover you and your various flowers. Go within. Start to water and nurture them.

We have so much to be thankful for. Nothing is “too small”. Be thankful for your life. For the ability to breathe unaided. To see. To feel. To touch. To laugh. To cry. To love. To think. To experience this life. Trials and tribulations included. We are blessed. Believe it in your soul and it will manifest in your surroundings. All you will start to see is abundance and blessings- even in places you would never have considered before. God is an infinite Energy that resides within all of us thus the power to create all we desire is within us. Tap into the God frequency within you. To know your true self is to know God. 

This year WILL be my best year thus far. I will make it so. Will it be yours? Make the choice. Step over the line. Choose you.

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