Black Woman

I adore being a Black woman. There is nothing else in the world I would rather have been born as. It’s ironic because that combination, as far as society is concerned, is the most deadly and repulsive combination. First of all Men are seen as the leaders, rulers- we live in an undeniably patriarchal  society. Men are winning right now. Then to be a White man? Double Whammy. They are at the top of the food chain (although by my standards they truly are not, but we’ll save that for another post)

So how can my two greatest things of pride be that I am a woman and that I am Black. The very two things that causes society to treat us less than 99% of the time. Not to mention the physical body pains we go through constantly. The ripping off your inside walls and bleeding uncontrollably through your vagina every month to start with. We get on with it because we have no choice and it’s trivialised. But fam that’s stress in itself not to mention the symptoms that come with it. Or is it the infamous childbirth? An inexplicable pain like no other. Essentially shatters your body, but boom you bounce back up and are moving again, sometimes within hours of that. Something that takes your mind,body and soul months and months to even truly begin to heal from.  Now why would anybody go through all that and still not want to be anything else?

Because we are fucking lit.

That is why.

Energy, wisdom, intelligence, strategy of a woman is truly second to none.

The power of a woman- men could never understand. Well some men do. But if the shoe were on the other foot, men could not even begin to survive in the climate the world has created for women. We see the same thing with being Black  and White (race). The horrifically oppressive world they have created for us, they could never take if the shoe were on the other foot.

We have  seen the rare occasions that a fraction of a taste of their own medicine is given to them- and they always without fail lose the plot. All their “forgive”, “you’re  playing the race card” goes straight out of the window. They cannnot take it but they are CONSTANTLY dishing it out. If they keep poking you  and you react they tell you your reaction is bad,  they don’t tell you that their action that caused the reaction is bad. They focus on our reaction to their madness and we too in turn do the same thing. For example police brutality. They are more Livid that we are kneeling and protesting than the actual racists killing us. An other wise sane white person, will argue that how dare another human being kneel down to protest horrific treatment of people. Look at Kaep. They fired him they, attempted to ruin his life, they vilified him- for daring to speak up for the lives of fellow human beings. Imagine the kind of sick society  we live in. These people will argue that he deserves it.

Noughts and crosses has recently come out on TV and I’m yet to watch the series (I definitely will, amazing reviews so far) but I read the book when I was about 12 or so and I loved it. It was so relatable. I read it then and was still so sad for us because I read the entire thing feeling like- this is a book and fantasy but not for black people this is what we go through. I read it and felt so much sadness for us at such a young age. Yet White people will watch it and again make it all about themselves. Somehow, yet again (purposely I suspect) missing the glaring message.

They cannot can’t stand that kind of role play.  The internet has been full of reactions from people watching the series- one in particular went viral, a white person was enraged that BBC would dare air a show like noughts and crosses, she urged her followers to ‘boycott’ the bbc. That ‘imagine the cheek’ of airing a show where white people are ruled by black people. That the UK was 78% white.

Yes. Yes. She did tweet that.

To be honest it hit me hard, just how painfully deep white insecurity and feelings of inadequacy run. She actually said “imagine the cheek of it”, like the mere thought of black people ruling is preposterous- (these times we were the original rulers but I’ll save that for another day) yet they rule over us and are constantly highlighting this in their entertainment, in all aspects of their society even.

However a TV show that is clearly written in role reversal to depict what they have done and are doing to us- they watch it knowing full well this is how they treat us (but they still cannot bare to be portrayed like that)- they say, ‘ban it! how dare you show white people being ruled by black people, don’t go putting ideas into their heads now!’. Meanwhile they show all sorts of absurd even made up scenarios and characters of what they think we are like and air it constantly for their entertainment. They also feel entitled to be consulted on our affairs. Like bruh the absolute audacity. We can write shows about what we like and produce and direct them however we see fit. FACE YOUR FRONT. White people never like to face their fronts. Na OVER SABI dey worry dem. They have this inherent need to constantly Lord over us and police us. It feeds their ego. Like Akala said, the master becomes reliant on the slave to feed their need to subdue and oppress. Their insecurity and outright hatred runs deep.

They do not view our lives as lives. We are not human as far as they’re concerned, we aren’t even animals deserving of love because as they’ve proven time and time again they can have sane rational reactions when dealing with themselves or with other species of animal. It’s just that if the species is Human and the skin is Black, they put on their oppressive hat and always think of ways to oppress or quell a revolution. That is why they will always try and quash any issues, protests,  we have by acting dense and problematic when they are  not. Whenever you suggest real solutions they counter it, they make it seem ludicrous. Or they deflect and purposely make the topic what it is not. All this is done on purpose to derail because it doesn’t benefit them. It highlights their white inadequacy.

(Thanks, to Emma Dabiri’s suggestion,  I will no longer be using the term white supremacy- Nothing about that movement is supreme. Calling it that is incorrect. It is not white supremacy it is  white inadequacy.) 

Even if some of them feel bad about physically killing black people,  they still do not want to see us anywhere near them (in their mind…as far as I’m concerned, there’s never been any competition, that’s why we just do us, that’s why we let them in time and time again , they could never do that- not because we are weak but it’s because we are connected to source in a deeper way. We have TMH inside us it allows a different kind of forgiveness that may look like foolishness to some but it’s God like),  It’s survival instinct for them. It’s just that we cant always see it ourselves, we’ve been so trained to accept less than from them, we in turn start to exhibit the same behaviour amongst ourselves. So not only are they fighting to retain power, they also have us challenging and quashing any revolution that may uprise within ourselves. Win win for them really. 

Now couple being a woman AND being Black, in this climate created to oppress and suppress our light. It has plenty denying self, wishing they were other. But that to me is a lack of understanding of true self. Black women continue to set and have been setting the standards for society since the beginning of time. They refuse to give us our credit yet they come back to us time and time again as the source  for inspiration. Our very existence is inspirational. From our character traits, to how we handle ourselves, to our hair and nails, to how we dress, our skin colour, our breast milk, our wombs, our bodies, our lips, the way we dance, the way we cook, the way we nurture, the way we fight, our genetics. EVERYTHING IS spectated upon and ultimately copied. Whilst telling us that we the originators are less than- they always seem to think they can do black women better than we can. Wishful. You can imitate us all you want but we can never be duplicated.

We ARE the originals.

I would not have been born as anything else. To be a Black woman is divinity like no other. Our very essence is embedded deep within this universe. We are Mother Nature personified. A resilience, strength, grace, love, energy like no other. The Black Woman is a beautiful representation of all the universe’ goodness. What a blessing it is, to be a Black Woman.

Happy International Women’s Month to all women- I love us- but especially my Black Queens 👑👑

P.S I have a new podcast coming out called “The Power of Women” dedicated to Empowering, Educating and Enlightening black women and girls. I am sure you guys will love it! Stay tuned.

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