To the ‘Strong’ Female Child

To the ‘strong’ female child.

The vocal female child.

The female child that defies the gender personality traits society has imposed.

The female child that speaks her mind and her truth unapologetically.

The female child that asks questions, when things do not make sense to her.

The female child that is ‘too bossy’, 

too confident,

too loud,

too hyper,

too opinionated.

The female child whose tone of voice when speaking to others (often men) is not “soft” enough for their egos.

The strong female child whose sense of self is confused because this strength she possesses  is sometimes used as a shield by the very people who condemn it.

The strong female child who is villanised.

Baby girl don’t let them dim your light.

Baby girl, don’t let them snuff you out. 

The Most  High created you with a zeal, a flame, a special fire in your soul. This fire He gave you, so you can use it to brighten the world. Do not let them tell you that you are too much of anything…strong passionate female child.

I hope you are surrounded by those who see the beauty in your light.

The beauty in your strength.

The beauty in your passion.

Those who see you and see purpose.

Those who will allow you harness this flame into Goodness.

Those who not only see the fire in your heart but the sweetness of your soul.

Many will be threatened by your personality, your light will be too much to bear.

But please strong female child, always remember-:

      Do not tone down your light because others feel uncomfortable.

Do not allow them to oppress your soul.

You are special.

You have purpose.

You are the change the world needs, strong female child.

Shine bright. Vibe high. Strong Female Child.

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