I really did miss my hair. It’s wild that for the first time in my life i could not wait to take my braids out because I had missed my hair. My personal growth has been leaps and bounds. It’s the only thing that could illicit that feeling in me considering how much i used to hate my hair.  I am really grateful for the  growth and the ability to be aware and do better. Wouldn’t it have been a shame to go through my entire life not truly loving my hair? Not loving this beautiful aspect of myself? Not looking after it, from one “protective” hairstyle to the next, anything but just having it out? Hiding yourself gets so exhausting and you don’t even realise just how exhausting it is until you stop and allow yourself to be free. Surrender to who you were truly supposed to be, before society’s notion of what is acceptable fucked up your self love. Surrender to your higher self.

The goal is to really take care of my self , look after myself, get to know my true self. Know who i really am and what’s best for me. How to really love me so i can be the very best version of myself in order to truly live my best life in every sense of the saying. Because if not what’s the point?

Why not give it your all. Give yourself your all.

( side note- you can’t expect anyone else to know how to love you when you yourself don’t even know how to love you.)

I aim to fall in love with the parts of my body that I couldn’t bear before. The parts I would cringe at daily. The parts I would try to like but would always fail. The parts people laughed at. The parts that didn’t fit the mould. Your body and it’s parts work hard for you. They deserve your love. Your body is as unique as you are. Every part of it.

It’s ridiculous when you think about the things we allow society to tell us are flawed and aren’t the “norm”, first of all there’s no such thing as “the norm”, when it comes to appearance as far as I’m concerned. Secondly, fuck your norms. Nothing about me is normal. I was designed as a stand alone piece. There is literally only me of me on this planet.

This craze with “normal” is poison. There truly is no such thing as normal. Normal by whose standards? Who says I am not normal? You? How can I not be normal when my only comparison is myself? I am not “normal” in comparison to who? My hips are too big? By whose standards? My feet are too big for a female? By whose standards? The Most Highs? Because He created me. He knew exactly what he was doing with each and every one of us. He created us in his image.So long as we actually truly look after our body mind and soul, we will always be the dopest versions of ourselves. Aspire to be the best version of you. Not the best emulation of someone else. I promise you, being YOU is the ultimate prize. Win. Be you. Tap into your highest frequency.

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