“Omg imagine ‘he’ wanted to talk to me?!”

Self Worth- yes, know your worth and do not let just anybody or should I say any type of energy  have access to you but when I say limit access, I don’t mean you look down on people like “OMG imagine he wanted to talk to me?!”. Okay, when you say “he”, what do you mean?

He is not “educated”? 

He is broke? 

He doesn’t have a car? 

He sells oranges at the side of the street? 

So what fam? I promise you those are not the things that make you better than him or anyone else as a matter of fact. The goal is never even to be better than him or anyone else.  The goal is to run your own race and help others along the way.

Be better than your previous self, for your present self  and your future self.

If you must judge how much ‘better’ a human being is than the next, then do so by the deeds of their hearts. Not the materialism’s that they possess .

I wonder when humanity will truly understand this.

Judge the value of a man off of his heart, his words and his actions- how well the three align- and not how much material wealth he posesses.

To judge a human beings soul or “worthiness” off of  his material wealth is a different kind of insanity that society perpetuates. I used to do it too,  but when you really think about you realise how flawed that way of thinking is and how much it takes away from a person and gives strength to mammon and materialistic things instead of the soul, your energy the “God factor” within you.

John 7:24  Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

I thank The Most High for growth, realisation and understanding. 

The same greatness you see in yourself is the same greatness everybody has within them. Do not let money/luxury/man made systems that define so called “intelligence” (education institutions) cause you to sneer at another human being or view them as less than. Let the beauty within you radiate.



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