Is it really Religion Vs Spirituality?

It’s funny how people (including myself in the past) think of religion and spirituality as having opposing doctrines. Most things deemed “spiritual” ironically, are frowned upon by Christian denominations. When you think about spirituality and chakras and enlightenment, It’s all a process- once you ‘reach enlightenment’ (although it’s debatable that we can ever truly reach enlightenment as it isn’t a destination it’s a journey) there is a certain way you behave and a certain way your mind thinks and processes information. Now, I think we can all agree that this behaviour is seen as ultimate peace and well being. This is the EXACT way The Most High  wanted us to live. There is nothing really that true spirituality promotes, that goes against The Most High’s teachings…if you research properly. Ultimately, if you read the bible properly, in the way, order and time in which it was intended, it gives you essentially the same guidance that spirituality does. The difference is, when you are on a spiritual journey, your Chakras or knowledge comes to you stage by stage. You learn one thing- go out into the world, have experiences, see things in new ways,  which cause you to stop and think  “wait a minute hmmm”  and then boom the next lesson comes, resonates with you and the next chakra opens, and so on until all chakras are eventually opened. So it’s a gradual process.

Spirituality opens your mind up as far as I’m concerned in the correct phases in a manageable way that takes you from A -B -C teaching you amazing life lessons along the way. If you do not fully understand b going onto c is a waste of time because you will not and cannot process it properly. You think you do but you do not, inevitably, your wires end up crossed. It takes real times. “Religion”, when you read the bible in one sitting, without certain lessons learned, without certain parts of your brain open, no chakras, etc. You misunderstand the message you were supposed to get, the lesson you were supposed to learn. How can you understand things when all the information is presented to you in a concentrated form whether or not you’re ready to  process and capable of processing the information. The opening of Chakras, taking your time to learn about this earth, the fullness of yourself naturally, your connection to nature and the universe, The Most High God, energy, frequencies, the galaxy- these are things that are imperative to our growth and understanding our ourselves and the world we live in.  But it is something that just reading the bible ‘blindly’  and listening to priests/pastors cannot give you. But spirituality truly does.

It guides you in a way that makes you more likely to succeed, more likely to lead you to your soul purpose and peace. I stopped going to church and calling myself a ‘Christian’ specifically a ‘Catholic’ because I feel like firstly, there are a lot of false doctrines and it is so restrictive in it’s thinking. To know The Most High is to be free- to be connected to the earth. To understand we are limitless and boundless. That to be your very best self is to allow your higher-self emerge.  When you think about the both of them; Christianity and spirituality- ultimately the end message is the same. One just makes it easier to understand and helps you feel truly connected in a full way. Not in a sectioned way, which I feel like personally religion does. The Most High created crystals, herbs, the stars, the trees, nature in general, all of these things he gave us, to enable us to be more connected to him to his all-encompassing energy. Of course some dark forces use them for evil, but you must remember the origin, one of my friends always reminds me that “darkness cannot create, it can only imitate”. When you go back to the root it is always light. The Most High God is the original Spiritual Master. Utilise the things he provided for us to get closer to him. Do not be scared of them. They are your keys to finding out who you truly are- your keys to truly being connected and present in your life experience and after life voyage.  Rise. Unravel your soul.

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