Standard of Beauty

Why do you not know that you are beautiful?

Why do you refuse to accept that? 


Someone doesn’t comment on a pic…so you delete it. 

They say something not so nice… so you delete it?!


How dare they.

They do not hold that kind of power over you. 


You are beautiful. 

How do you not know that? 

Nobody else’s opinion matters but yours. 

You did not grow up hating yourself. 

Society plastered these so called images of what beauty is supposed to look like. 

They made jokes, glorified a certain standard  etc made it clear that anything that was other from this standard wasn’t beautiful.

 So now you have developed a complex . 

You say that you are not beautiful. 

Even when others compliment you it still always shocks you, despite the facade. 

You still doubt it because you do not believe you fit into a certain standard of beauty-in your head. 

Don’t you understand?

Can’t you see? 

YOU are the standard of beauty. 

Your beauty is your own standard of beauty and it is phenomenal. 

No one else can have your standard of beauty. 

Each individual is their own standard of beauty.

We must learn to embrace our individuality.   

Our purpose was never to fit in. 

We were born to stand out. 

Unravel your soul.

4 thoughts on “Standard of Beauty

  1. Well said… we were born to stand out and set our own standards for beauty not this clone-like euro plastic perfect standard that everyone wants to conform to. We are perfect as we are!!!

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