Emotions taken me over.

They make you believe that to be Yeshua (aka Jesus) like is to be boring, deprived, fun-less…I beg to differ. To be Yeshua like is to live your absolute best life. Your true best life. Yeshua is God in human form. He came in Human form to show us that it could be done. That we could live pure, happy, sinless lives as human beings, contrary to what society has told us. He also showed us how to live judge free lives. He categorically said only TMH (The Most High God) can judge. We CANNOT and should not judge each-other.

“He who is without sin cast the first stone”.

And even when you ‘reprimand’ it should come from a place of understanding, love and compassion. You do not ever have permission to make another person feel shitty just because you feel shitty. It is a cycle that is negative and hard to break. We can deal with our internal issues without damaging the next person- this should be taught to us as an option. Instead of the typical ‘ah don’t worry so and so/I  is/am just having a bad day’. We should express our emotions, but we can do so in a way that isn’t damaging to others.  Some people aren’t in favour of emotions- they argue that we should ‘remove emotions’, ‘don’t think with your emotions’, ‘don’t think with your heart’, ‘use your “brain”’. Sounds reasonable right? But when you really delve into it, you realise just how deeply flawed that reasoning is. And that it is probably the cause of a lot of issues that we have. The one thing that differentiates us is our ability to think and use our minds but they tell us don’t use it.

They tell us that the use of the heart when reasoning is ‘illogical’. That notion is madness. We are supposed to deal with each-other with emotions. You cannot make decisions and ignore emotions when we all are inherently emotional beings. Our emotions- our ability to think with our emotions, with our hearts, is what differentiates us from inanimate objects and even the other animals to be fair, although it can be argued that even they think with their hearts and minds too. Our duty isn’t to eliminate emotions from daily dealings rather it is to master ones emotions- figure out how to feel emotions and use emotions for our highest good. Without damaging ourselves and other people. Emotions serve as temporary guides to grow us in some way or the other. Do not be mad at the emotion, instead go within and unpack the thought that brought about the emotion. The problem stems in that we try to hold on to emotions instead of letting them go. Emotions are energy. Feel them, let them flow through you, ask yourself why you’re feeling this emotion. That’s the root that needs to be targeted and then release it. So many of us become stuck because we hold onto these emotions instead of letting them pass through- we are not our emotions- feel and release. I am still figuring this out lol but when I have the “aha!!” moment I will undoubtedly be sharing it with you all!

Another statement I grew up hearing and still hear is ‘think with your brain‘. The brain controls the body yes, but the brain really does not control the mind. The soul controls the mind, the mind controls the brain. That is the pecking order. The mind is supposed to control the brain not the other way around. The brain cannot control the mind or soul. We are human beings. Our being is made up of Mind, Body AND soul. That is the being. Absence of the mind or soul makes ones being incomplete. Our emotions, our hearts, our minds- these are the things that make us amazing- not the ability to suppress them or pretend we don’t have them. When dealing with other humans- whatever decision we make will affect the other person emotionally. Whether good or bad. When people hear news, it elicits an emotional reaction of some sort. So how can we now make these decisions without using emotions? Senseless. Do not  let society make you believe that reasoning with emotions, feelings, is a bad thing. Analyse situations with your heart always. That is what it is there for. Do not neglect it. Let yourself truly feel. Live the human experience #Unravelyoursoul

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