See the thing is when I would think about my style and the things I like- I could never really fit into a box- I would rack my brain thinking who am I like? Where would others/society place me? I could never find a definite answer, so I decided I must be a Chameleon as I don’t really have a ‘style’ per se- I do everything and anything, there is no set way/style for me. And then I thought, well of course not, that is because there is no one else like you. When I say

“There is only one you. No one else will ever be you. That is your super power”.

I mean that in the most literal sense, no one else is going to be like you; reason like you, talk like you, the entire package that is you. NO ONE ELSE ON THIS PLANET HAS IT.  Only you are you. You really are unique and special. It is not egotistical to realise and acknowledge this. It is a fact.

When we say someone is like you /me ‘like’ is the operative word. Like meaning a similarity- you have similar traits, characteristics, features, accents, thought process whatever it is, BUT they will never be hundred percent the same as you. Ever. For example you believe your spouse is a perfect reflection  of you but they are not you because they are a different gender, born on a different day, lived a different life etc, ultimately only you have your soul. Even twin flames aren’t exact reflections of each other. They are two entities/aspects of the same soul.  There are so many things that factor into why we are so unique.

When you realise  that no one will ever hundred percent think the way you do/will,  it becomes easier for you to be yourself and not worry too much about what others may say. It also stops you being so hard on people who do not necessarily fit into the spectrum you want them to. I mean how can you ever truly box someone when they are the ONLY one like them. Why would you try to make them something they are not. I do not mean make excuses for nasty people, although these days I’m starting  to understand more that even those people we deem as “nasty”, behave in a certain way because they genuinely think it is the best way to behave. Most people do what they inherently think is better or good for them.

Even if it’s self destructive in the eyes of another man or terrible in their heart- something inside them has told them that it is not. That this behaviour is the best way to be or achieve whatever they want. Even though others aren’t behaving in that way, they tell themselves that it is because others aren’t as clever as them or others are weak etc. It boils down to their understanding. Thus I look at them with eyes of empathy- it does not  mean I agree at all with them. It just means I have been able to figure out why their mind is working the way it does and why they have come to the conclusion that they have done. They think it’s the best way for them. It enables me to identify where the issue stems from thus providing a better understanding no matter how sad it is for me. In the words of Dylan Marron:-

“Empathy is not endorsement. Empathising with someone you profoundly disagree with does not compromise your ie. deeply held beliefs and endorse theirs. It just means acknowledging the humanity of someone who was raised to think differently” ~ Dylan Marron

“Nasty” or “bad” people aside, I believe that we really should be appreciative of our differences. Once you understand that you truly are one of a kind,  authentic, the only version of yourself and your mind-  you realise you can never truly hundred percent please anyone, even our parents, siblings and spouses. You stop looking and asking for ‘perfection’ from people and instead lean towards understanding of people. I mean how do we even define “perfection”, perfection is subjective. To me the concept of “perfection”- isn’t about having someone who is exactly like you or someones that is ‘faultless’.

I wouldn’t really ask another soul to be perfect when I know that I myself, am so far from perfect- in the “normal” sense. Over time I have learnt that perfection ( well to me ) is seeing beauty in the “imperfect”- in the “differences” that is perfection to me. We spend so long trying to fit in- to blend in- to be like others. To find others who act, think, walk, dress etc like us. Not realising that we were born to stand out. There is so much beauty in our uniqueness and diversity as human beings. You alone were created the way you were- no one else.

There is NOBODY, not a single soul on this earth, that is like you. And what an amazing thing that is. Own it. Live in your truth. Walk in your truth. March to the beat of your own truth. You were made to be you- to think, walk, act and look like you. Stand proud in your uniqueness. You are magnificent. You are purpose personified. #Unravelyoursoul

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