The Life Experience

We sometimes think our lives are boring. There is nothing significant happening-we aren’t president or movie stars or athletes so our lives are insignificant. We are insignificant. We say something ‘major’ has to happen for it to be a life experience. We completely miss the point. We do not realise that the fact that we are alive at all- that we are present and living within these things. Our very being IS the life experience. We were created and put on this planet and just existing is us experiencing life.

If we are perfectly honest we don’t actually know how and why we got here…we are trying to unravel it (well, some of us). Even as much as we say we do know, of course it’s through God….but we had to come to that realisation right. We had to seek it. Because we were searching for our existence and we needed answers. Just being here and being present IS the life experience. We get to breathe air, we share this earth with so many magnificent creatures, we see wonders of nature, we get to experience waters flowing, trees growing, deserts, volcanoes, the seasons, all the different fruits, herbs of the earth, technological advancement, ancient medicines, different galaxies.

Simply just exhaling and inhaling, with so many different humans, cultures, view points, ideas, talents, gifts- countless types of energies all trying to figure out this life. What an experience that is. Just to be present and to be able to see all the wonders of this world and I don’t mean the pyramids et al. Although they are phenomenal. I mean even just watching two human beings communicate is fascinating. It is an experience. We must endeavour to truly be present, be mindful, be here. Understand our experience. Do not take it for granted. We are truly blessed to get to experience life. We were chosen to be here, we were chosen for this experience. We must treasure it. The life experience. #unravelyoursoul 

One thought on “The Life Experience

  1. Society has done a hell of a job perpetuating the lie that if you don’t “live” a certain way that you are unimportant. The worse part is we buy into it and envy the lives of other unhappy people. Very sad reality.

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