It is an amazing feeling when you start to find your tribe. People who are really for you. You guys understand yourselves and understand each other. The vibrations and frequencies just match. It is almost like you breathe a sigh of relief. Like thank goodness. No more negative vibes or feeling insecure or worrying what this one is saying to that one. Or why this one does not like you or thinks you are  crazy.

The more comfortable you become in yourself, you realise that a lot of things are temporary. Including relationships. But when you find your tribe, it is definitely worth it. A network of like minded souls. I don’t mean like minded in that you agree all the time. No. Like minded in that you guys are dedicated to the same cause and  all your interactions come from a place of positive pure vibes. No resentment, no envy, no bad vibrations.

So even if you don’t agree at times there’s an inherent respect for each other. Your tribe will uplift you to your face and behind your back. Your tribe may be just one person. But that one person will do more for your growth and betterment than 40 mediocre friends. Find your tribe. #unravelyoursoul 

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