Love Yours

Why is it that almost every negative thing or crime that a black person does is racialised yet when a white person does the same it is individualised? There is a video going viral of a couple of black boys looting a sneaker shop after the hurricane. The comments were filled with black people saying things like “oh why are they disgracing us” ” oh black people always messing up etc” “black people always embarrassing themselves” “and we complain when the police shoot us”. First of all why are the media even focusing on a few looters? I’m pretty sure if you dig deeper you will see white people who have looted too. But nope they focus on the few black boys who decided to act badly. Fine. In fact when white people loot the media describes it as ‘survival instinct’ bless their poor souls they’re trying to survive after a horrific disaster. When black people do the same it changes from survival instinct to ‘looting’. We as black people tend to feed into this false narrative of ourselves.

We are constantly policing ourselves, but not even in a productive way. We start to exhibit the same behaviour that the oppressors exhibit towards us, towards ourselves. We are all judged collectively off the actions of a few. Always. I doubt any white person has ever said “oh gosh why is he/she disgracing our race” , “He’s embarrassing us”. Statements like those very rarely leave their mouths, because they are judged individually. Infact they make excuses for the bad behaviour of their people. They have no desire to please any one but themselves. But black people tend to seek their validation constantly (a form of Stockholm syndrome as far as I’m concerned). Always trying to prove that they aren’t like the other blacks. They are different. The other black are problematic, but they aren’t. “See, look, white People I am well behaved not uncivilised like the other blacks”. This is all planned. This is what they wanted you to do. Distrust your own and only trust them. After all “white is right”. It pains me when I see my people falling for this bs and constantly bashing their own. Wake up. Bash and condemn bad behaviour by all means. But don’t make absurd comments like “I wish I wasn’t black” “why are they embarrassing us”, “ and they complain when they get shot”. Like stealing sneakers justifies taking their lives or wishing you were a different colour.

I remember being younger in secondary school and a black person would say something silly. I would instantly cringe and think ‘oh goodness making us all look bad’,  us meant black people. I doubt any of the white kids in my class felt like that. I am pretty sure if one of them made a stupid statement they didn’t think “oh goodness they’re embarrassing the whole race”. So why did I think like that? Why do so many black people today still think like that? The indoctrination is so real. We have all been tarred with the same brush for so long; we know that’s what they are doing, we know that they will judge us off of the actions of a fellow black person, so we automatically do it to ourselves. I am me. You are you. The bad behaviour of one man does not define me or my whole race. Ever. Your behaviour is not a reflection of me. Stop racialising bad behaviour from certain black people. It is self hate. Yes, the media and the white supremacist agenda want you to do that. They try to portray us as all the same, but we shouldn’t feed into that.

Do you notice that most things attributed to black people has a negative connotation. Black people time, black people are always late, black people are unorganised, black people are loud and brash etc. I hear black people using these negative connotations on themselves and even laughing about it. Often times when you say someone is “acting black” it is in a negative way, the person is either behaving ghetto, uncouth, etc. When you say acting black you don’t think of the Barack Obamas or the Van Jones. You think of the uneducated hood rat from down the street. But most things attributed to white people are positives, i.e. If they say you speak white or act white they mean you can articulate yourself and compose yourself….because you know, a black person who can speak articulately and doesn’t turn up three hours late to an event must be an anomaly. Only white people do those things right? *side eye* They try to attribute certain flaws to us as a race, and in turn we end up attributing these negative things to ourselves. But that is just not true. They individualise their crimes/flaws but racialise ours. Can’t you see? All this hate towards black people world wide. This attempt to tarnish our very being. To essentially destroy us. This is not a coincidence. There is something phenomenal about our race. Everyone can see it but us. They don’t want us to see it ourselves. So they go to astonishing lengths to destroy our very foundations. Have a man hate himself and the work is half done for you. It doesn’t matter how much you bash your own or you try to disassociate yourself from the other “blacks”. It doesn’t guarantee acceptance or validation from those you’re so desperate to please. So in the words of J.cole…Love yours. #becauseknowledgeofselfisnirvana

3 thoughts on “Love Yours

  1. Self love is essentially the beginning of wisdom, thanks ever so much for validating this claim.It has become expedient for us to consiously follow the first commandment as prescribed,”thou shall have no other God’s but me”. love thyself and all shall be added unto you!!!

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