بساطة (Maktoub)


Maktoub means ‘it is written; predestined’. The saying that what is for you, will always be for you. It will never miss you. Some people counter it by saying, that we in fact make our own destinies. I can see that view point and I agree to an extent but realistically speaking, if it is truly for you it will come to you. The ‘making it’ part comes in that when it comes to you, you recognise it and put in the work you are supposed to as oppose to letting it pass you by.

At times we think we want/need something. We work super hard to get it but when we finally get it, it is not all it is cut out to be. I am of the belief that this is probably because it was not truly destined for us. Like I said, I understand when people say that we write our own destinies; but I also think that it is a slyly arrogant way of thinking because realistically it is whatever Yahweh says is for us that will be for us. If you force anything else…then true happiness will be a myth. There will always be something missing. A sense of constantly chasing things… temporary highs to satisfy you.

I have lost track of how many times I have thought I wanted something, needed it, thought it was the best thing for me and then thrown my rattle out of the pram when it hadn’t worked out or I hadn’t gotten it. Only to realise further down the line, that these things truly were not meant for me. Other times, I have asked for something, prayed for something and it was not the right time. I was not ready for the blessings I was asking for. Again, at the time I could not see it. I felt like I was ready. Only now do I truly see that I probably would not have done justice to the blessing he had set out for me, had I received it at that time.

So he put me on these trials and tribulations to teach me and prepare me. I firmly believe that there is a blessing in EVERY lesson. The path he has designed for me is exclusively engineered to fit me. To help me achieve my purpose, to help me be the best possible version of my self. It is truly much greater than anything I could possibly have envisioned strictly by myself. He is undoubtedly the master architect of everything. So these days I am calm. I do not necessarily know where he is leading me to, but I know without a shadow of a doubt, that his plan is always greater than the worlds best thing. So I tend not to fret as much because….MAKTOUB. #thejourneytoenlightenment

12 thoughts on “بساطة (Maktoub)

  1. This piece really spoke to me as I’m going through a tranisition phase within my own life. God plans and we plan but he is ultimately the best of all planner. Keep persevering sis!!

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  2. Yes yes yes. I completely agree and can relate. I have definitely had things I prayed for and worked towards but never worked out and I realized later on that those things definitely weren’t meant for me.

    Indeed what is meant for you will never pass you by.

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  3. The paragraph before the last paragraph was me just a month ago… sometimes I really wish I know how to pray as I think I don’t pray enough. 😦

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    1. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as ‘knowing how to pray’ so long as you can speak so long as you can think you can pray. As far as I’m concerned there is no set way or special ritual to talk to God. I speak to him any and every where.


      1. I mean that’s exactly what I do, I speak to Him like I would if I’m having a conversation with my earthly father… but when I go to church especially Pentecostal churches, I see the way they shout, “kabash” and speak in tongues it always make me feel like I’m not doing enough.

        Another thing I’m confused about is ; must I fast before I get blessings from God or before my prayers get answered.

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  4. People speak to Yahweh in different ways. You just have to do what feels right in your soul. I speak to God normally without the dramatics. Fasting helps but it’s not simething we must do every single time we want to speak to God; there’s no where in the bible it says you must fast whenever you want to speak to Yahweh.


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