Education is key…right?

Knowledge is power they say. Go to school. Read. Study. Supposedly expand your mind. Education is key… right? But are you truly learning? Are you truly expanding your mind; or are you just passing exams?

Education without consciousness is a waste of time. It is imperative to have true knowledge of self and true knowledge of our surroundings. Not the one that has been systematically and subconsciously forced upon us, by the government, society, the powers that be that are desperate for us to stay asleep. Desperate for us to remain sheeple.

“…the majority rules
Intelligent fools
PhD’s in illusion
Masters of mass confusion
Bachelors in past illusion” ~ Freedom time Lauryn Hill.

I actually believe that our brain has different levels/valves of consciousness. Some people only ever get to open or elevate to a valve or two maybe three. Others go all the way. Some have no valves open ever throughout their life time. This is why you can watch or read something a few years ago and think you completely get it. Revisit the same thing a few years later and you see it in a completely different light. You get the message you were actually supposed to get. One that would have been incomprehensible to you had you watched/read it before that level of consciousness valve was open. Those with no valves open or only a lower level, still will not process the information the way it was intended, even if they revisit it after ten years. Age does not automatically mean consciousness. The more valves that are open the more the world labels you as crazy and extreme.

You can have a million degrees but if your consciousness valves are not open it is a waste of time. What use is a degree if you cannot see deeper than the surface. What good is a degree if you are a puppet to the powers that be. What good is a degree if you still believe that the world is black and white. What good is a degree If you still believe the tarnishing of truth tellers as ‘conspiracy theorists’. In the words of Lauryn Hill “…truth comes we don’t hear it. We’ve been programmed to fear it“. Suffering from cognitive dissonance. What good is a degree if you are still asleep? We are all on a journey, we are all still learning. We just need to ensure that we are unravelling what we were truly supposed to know. Our true purpose. Elevate your mind. #becauseknowledgeofselfisnirvana

4 thoughts on “Education is key…right?

  1. We never really stop learning do we? I should share this. I tell a lot of people all the time “the same way we download and install updates for our phones and computers is the same way we should be keen on updating our minds”. I’m usually baffled when I hear someone say “I’m bored” Show me a bored person and I would send them a book.
    Too many people get too comfortable with what’s being taught at school without knowing that with time, knowledge can get obsolete.

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