The melanin in our skin…

It’s funny, you see the melanin in our skin and you are automatically scared. You view it as a weapon. A threat to be eliminated. Our skin equals sub human. You give your officers the right to slaughter us, solely because of the melanin that we possess. You clutch your bags. You walk faster. You do not make eye contact. You judge us. You are uncomfortable just being in our presence.

We are ‘savages’ ‘violent’ ‘uncouth’ ‘uncivilised’ ‘aggressive’ to name a few. When realistically we are the ones that should be scared of you. Look at history. You are the ones that travelled the length and breadth of the globe; raping, torturing, enslaving, killing and destroying everything and everyone. You treated us worse than animals. All in the name of conquering. All because of greed.

We had the first civilised nations on planet earth. The first universities in the world were in our continent. We taught you so much. From mathematics to philosophy to even personal hygiene. The ancient Egyptians, the Moors, Timbuktu. Yet, you see us and you fear? Why? Because you feel that one day we may finally wake up and say F this… it is time for pay back? No way. We just aren’t built like that. It is not in our nature. We will never do to you. What you have done to us.

The melanin in our skin, should not invoke fear in you. The melanin in our skin gives us superior protection from numerous types of dangerous radiation. The melanin in our skin is worth $365 per gram, that is approximately $320 more than 24 carat gold. Didn’t they tell you that the melanin in our skin is magic?✨✨#melaninmagic #becauseknowledgeofselfisnirvana #minirantings

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