Really Jodie?!

So we just had a terrible tragedy occur in Manchester with dozens of people killed. Jodie marsh clearly the paradigm of intellect and common sense decided that today would be the best day to address her disdain at the black girls book club ‘@bg_bookclub’ handle on twitter. She found it funny and was deeply “offended” that the title said black and she feels excluded she tweeted
“It’s funny that there isn’t a “white girls” book club?! I find this offensive that you exclude me because of my colour”. Yes, I know. She actually did tweet that. Lol. Now this is WHITE PRIVILEGE at its finest. First of all, have some sort of respect and save your baseless opinions for another day. Do not choose to air your repulsive opinion on a day when the country is already in disarray. All this does is incite discord and hatred. Secondly let’s give you a lesson on white privilege sweetheart. White privilege is when the entire media, entertainment and education system is designed for your purpose. It encompasses your thought and is full of your literature. Did you know that a report carried out by the university of Wisconsin in 2013 showed that only 3% of children’s books featured nonwhite characters? Did you know that most book conventions tend to have only one or two black authors in attendance? During the literary festivals held in Edinburgh, Cheltenham and hay in 2014 only 4% of the people appearing there were people of colour. Do you know that the few black authors we do have, have to struggle and fight to get their work published with many complaining that they are being forced to write books that perpetuates white society’s stereotypes of their culture? An article from the telegraph stated that;

“Black and Asian authors complained that they were expected to portray a limited view of their own cultures or risk the accusation of inauthenticity if their characters or settings did not conform to white expectations. Failure to comply, many felt, limited their prospects of publication. Some writers reported turning to overseas publishers to find a deal, after failing to find understanding or a home for their work in the UK. Others said they made changes requested by publishers in order to get their work published, or submitted to publicity campaigns focusing entirely on their ethnicity. “I remember being told to make sure one half of a love relationship was white, because white readers would have problems reading books with ‘foreign’ settings or all-black casts,” one author, who chose to remain anonymous, told the researchers.”

All of this caused the hashtag #weneeddiversebooks to trend. Did you lend your voice to that cause…you know seeing as you’re so concerned about literary inclusion for all. Ahhh. I thought as much. Yet you complain and get angry when people who have been excluded decide to create a space for themselves. Now that I find ‘funny’.  Like I said in my post The ‘N word’; some white people tend to become irate when they aren’t involved in certain spaces because they are so used to dominating most spaces and having their free reign of everything and anything. So, because it said black girls book club does that mean you can’t join?  I’m pretty sure if you had asked them to join and showed interests in their views, opinions and struggles they would have gladly accepted. Besides there are thousands of book clubs that you can join if you so pleased. Why capitalize on the black girls book club.There are plenty of spaces that are LGBT for example. Do you ever complain that you aren’t welcome? How about the fact it said girls? Didn’t that bother you seeing as you’re all for inclusion. Why aren’t you outraged for all the men that can’t join. Where is your outrage when black people are slain like animals by police? Where are your screams of inclusion when statistics show that black women are paid less than their white counterparts? Where is your outrage when black women are constantly being told that their features and trends are ugly, but then these same people calling them ugly appropriate the hell out of these trends and they are all of a sudden acceptable?  Where is your outrage when the award shows fail to include or recognise people of colour? Where is your outrage when most movies are full of white actors? A movie that includes a predominantly black cast is seen as a ‘black movie’ but a movie with a white cast is just called a movie. Do you know why that is? Because sweetheart white is seen as the norm. The acceptable standard. The fact that you felt comfortable airing your repulsive opinion especially on a day like today just shows the extent of your white privilege and ignorance. Please do better.


6 thoughts on “Really Jodie?!

  1. People like this have mental health issues. She is not important and probably has ADHD. She is a racist and can no longer hide who she is. Think of the children who were murdered. They were humans. You are complaining about a race book club. Have a life!

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  2. Really hope you did not quit your day job to be doing this. If you did, that would be sad & and a real shame because its a lost cause. Cant imagine someone who has gone out to work all day, having time to write this. Cant believe you dedicated an entire blog post to a racist who just wanted this exact attention you are giving her. She will never read this and you have wasted your time. Now that you typed this entire letter & gotten it out of your system, do you feel better about yourself? Does it change her views? Would it change the world? Would it make white people stop being racist? My point is, there are bigger and better things to write about rather than wasting your energy on every racist or uninformed comment on the internet. If that was the case, you will spend your entire day on twitter going back and forth with people ( you probably already do) but it makes no difference. Why don’t you actually do something that helps this cause, race inequality that you are very passionate about instead of being a warrior behind the computer and on the internet. Get off your computer and make a change. Do something. Make a difference. Until then, this is immature, a bore and again, a waste of time. *yawn


    1. Hi “Ayo”. Thank you for taking time out of your evidently busy schedule to read my blog and leave feedback. Firstly, you have no idea what I do on a daily basis to help my community. If you read my bio you’d see that I’m am the COO of a non profit organisation aimed specifically at the empowerment of people of colour. That aside. What I find particularly disturbing is that instead of venting your anger at the racist you reasoned that it would be better to attack me for pointing out her flawed reasoning. Which you supposedly don’t agree with. Although from your message I’m inclined to think you share the same views as her. You claim I should do something about racism yet you fail to see that bringing awareness to and educating be it in written form or any other outlet is in fact a positive. If only one person reads my post and understands the reality of white privilege better then that’s as far as I am concerned a win. Maybe you’d rather I went to different blogs and attacked the writers speaking out against oppression, injustice, racism etc as opposed to speaking out against it myself. Instead of attacking my form of communication, which by the way you are under no obligation to read, this is after all my blog. Perhaps you should vent your anger towards the racist. You’ve just spent a few minutes drawing baseless conclusions and insulting a random stranger because she called out a callous thoughtless racist and you argue that I’m the one that argues with strangers on social media. Oh sweetheart. Maybe your anger stems from your internal battle with yourself. I pray you find peace of mind.


    2. What exactly is your point? “Ayo” You are mad that ignorance was met with reason?
      What do you do to tackle social injustice ? Troll on oh wait Jodie is that you?

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  3. You actually Read the hell out of this woman. Facts!
    She put this ignorance out there and she needs to address it. Eloquent in delivery and thorough as always. This was not a rant it was a straight up education.

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