Farewell Mr. President

Today we saw the end of an era. The end of a successful eight-year run, with what could arguably be the most scandal free, close to perfect a presidential run America has ever witnessed. I am writing about who the Obama’s are as people, not their politics. Their personal and public integrity has been unimpeachable. Not so much as a whiff of a scandal came their way. To be perfectly honest their morality and personal characters are solid. Bullet proof. Barack and Michelle handled a huge amount of adversity with so much grace, elegance and undeserved class. In a way I am sure even a saint would struggle with. They demonstrated the epitome of black excellence. Both double degreed, ivy league trained lawyers. Who are thoroughly in touch with their melanin magic. No whitewashing involved. They danced on beat, they hung black artists on the walls of the white house, they not only opened the white house doors to black entertainers such as Prince, Queen Latifah, Chance the rapper, they gave them their centre and north star. And, unapologetically reminded people that slaves built the white house. They never tried to dim their ‘blackness’. They wore it with pride and illustrated to the world that we are capable of being more than just entertainers. They were accepted without ever having to compromise their ‘blackness’.   Undeniably the fittest president and first lady America has ever seen. Both loved health and fitness and illustrated the power of athletics in public and in policy. From Michelle’s “Lets Move” campaign to Barack’s “My brother’s keeper” initiative. Oh, and let’s not forget Michelle telling Boko Haram to ‘bring back our girls’ and urging young girls to focus on ‘books before boys’.

Barack and Michelle’s unity and unadulterated love for each other made you swoon. That original black love that made your knees weak and gave you hope. No administration is perfect. But Barack and Michelle as human beings, were phenomenal. I have seen a lot of people saddened and lament that Barack’s run has come to an end. I am not sad at all. He served two terms; as allowed by the US constitution, and he did a great job. He was not impeached, there were no scandals, he was not forced to resign, no hidden recordings bringing shame to the nation. His run simply came to an end. He served his time. That is nothing to be sad about. In fact, it fills me with pride that the first African American president of the United States of America including his wife and daughters; were in the white house and oozed nothing but style, grace, class and intelligence… that MELANIN MAGIC. Even in the most frustrating of situations. Eight years of them constantly showing the world how phenomenal we are as a people. When people went low …they went high. They entered the white house with impeccable integrity and left nearly a decade later with that integrity still unbroken. So, for that I say, thank you and Farewell to the Obamas. Your place in history has been solidified.

4 thoughts on “Farewell Mr. President

  1. Exactly what I expected from you is what you gave, this blog is already amazing, very intelligent individual with unique aspects. Looking forward to reading more of your material Teso………

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  2. What an excellent piece, I completely agree although his policies weren’t the best he as a person was a man of the people and I wish him all the best, well done tess!! 💕

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